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Membership Policy

Our policy on membership and involvement

Current Status of Project


This project is currently a private undertaking managed by Creativation Ltd.

Please bear with us whilst we build the site.



We've had various users attempting to gain membership via join_form who have been presented with errors and have ultimately been permanently blocked from accessing the site.


The site was hacked in a previous incarnation and we are clearing the remnants of the false registrations from the search engines.  Rest assured they will be expunged.  No Users are currently registered.

Membership Policy

In simple terms, we are not accepting members at this moment in time.

We may do in the future and can inform you if you care to contact us.

We will continue to block any attempts to gain membership and block IP addresses.


We are happy to accept content contributions if you really have something to say on about TS16949, automotive or anything related.  All rights will be appropriately acknowledged.

Please contact us.